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  Market report March 2022

Market report March 2022

Psyllium from India

Expectations for the psyllium crop in India are currently at a similar level to last year at around 2.7 to 2.8 million 75 kg bags and prices have therefore softened somewhat in recent days. However, if heavy rains occur by the end of March, this short-term trend would be halted.

Demand and supply currently remain unchanged, so prices are still fairly constant at the moment. However, an increase may occur if speculators buy and stockpile larger quantities.

Only in the case of organic goods, prices are currently continuing to rise, because many organic farmers and inspection bodies have been blocked and only a few have valid certification.

We recommend to cover only short-term needs until the final harvest figures are available.

Alexei Justiz


Xanthan gum from China

Since January 6, 2022, new EU regulations on the import of goods for which the risk of ETO contamination has been identified in the past two years apply on the basis of the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/2246. For Neupert Ingredients, this concerns xanthan gum from China, among others. In particular, the import of the goods in question requires an official document from the country of origin certifying that an ETO analysis has been carried out with an unremarkable result.

As the communication between the EU and the PR China regarding the responsibilities and requirements for the documentation of ETO analyses carried out on xanthan gum in the country of origin has not yet led to a conclusive result, neither we nor our Chinese suppliers currently know which authority in China is responsible for issuing the relevant documents and whether these documents from China will then also be accepted by the EU authorities. Therefore, an import of xanthan gum from China is not possible under the given circumstances, as the goods cannot be brought across the European borders.

For this reason, Neupert Ingredients has paused the direct import of xanthan gum from China until further notice. As soon as it is ensured that Xanthan from China can pass the border controls again, we will resume the trading business.

As the whole market is completely disturbed by the new EU regulation and no goods can be imported from China at the moment, we would have wished that the EU for the time being waives this document from the country of origin until it is clarified and that we instead have the goods tested in Germany by an accredited laboratory before they are delivered to our customers.

Sabine Justiz


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