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  Market report Locust bean gum

Market report Locust bean gum

The market is becoming more difficult by the day due to high pressure from buyers. Many market participants assumed that prices would fall with the new crop and delayed their orders as much as possible. This has led to overwhelming demand in recent weeks.

In Spain, Italy, and Portugal, kernels were sold in August, July, and September at very high prices for deliveries through June 2021. It is estimated that the 2021 crop will be at 60 to 70 percent of the 2020 crop. Also, this season there is no surplus from last year, so there is no stock available from the last harvest. At the moment, it is almost impossible to buy carob seeds from the countries of origin named above. In particular, enormous purchase amounts by single large market players have extremely reduced the supply on the market.

The only remaining option is Morocco, but even there, supply is tight and prices are very high. There are no signs that suggest that the 2021 demand may decrease below the levels of previous years, so prices are expected to remain very high or rise even further.

Katja Boscheinen

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