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  Market report Guar gum

Market report Guar gum

The sowing for Guar is currently not finished. Due to the persistent drought, the new seed is negatively affected.

Further sowings must be made at short notice, but the required rainfall (monsoon) is missing.

Because mostly cotton is irrigated, a good guar harvest requires rain in the next 2 weeks. If the rains persist, this will have a significant impact on crop yields and, above all, on quality.

An estimated 200,000 t of guar splits are forecast. Together with the carry over from the last harvest of approx. 180,000 t, this results in approx. 380,000 t of available quantities.

The world demand amounts to approx. 400,000 t and thus cannot be covered. The prices will most probably not fall. The current negative outlook has already led to rising prices and we hear from the producers that they expect even further price increases.

Alexei Justiz

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