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  New telephone numbers

New telephone numbers

Dear customers and business partners,

With the transfer of our headquarters to Northern Germany, as already notified to you recently, we have received new telephone numbers with the correct area code. The new telephone numbers are now active and will be shown on your display for incoming calls. The existing numbers with the Düsseldorf area code can be reached for another few weeks time. However, we ask you to change our contact details in your system already now.

The main phone number of our head office is +49 (4173) 51591-0

The extensions to the individual departments and contact persons remain unchanged and of course you can still reach us under the existing e-mail addresses.

Purchase +49 4173 51591-20
Frederik Pehl
Finance +49 4173 51591-30
Karolina Becker
Quality assurance
+49 4173 51591-50
Pui-Yee Tse
Customer service +49 4173 51591-10
Sarah Kehl  -11
Saskia Ramm  -13
Sales +49 4173 51591-40
Alexei Justiz -44
Ricardo Pietruschka -48
Management +49 4173 51591-0
Dietmar Neupert
Sabine Justiz

Thank you for your help!
Your Neupert Ingredients team
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Neupert Ingredients GmbH
In der Boerse 9 | D-21441 Garstedt | Germany
Tel.: +49 4173- 51591 - 0 | Fax: +49 4173 51591 - 99
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