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  FIE Frankfurt 2017
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FIE Frankfurt 2017

We will be exhibiting again at FIE and would like to cordially invite you to our booth in

Hall 11, booth F 103

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Our highlights
  • Proteins (plant, animal)
  • Hydrocolloids
  • Psyllium
  • Chia
  • Superfoods
  • Lecithines

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Market report LBG

For several weeks it has been known that this year's harvest has been very poor in the Mediterranean countries. The crop yield is significantly lower than in previous years.

In some main producing countries it is less up to 50%. This led to a shortage of raw material even before the harvest was brought in, as the kibblers delivered very reduced amounts of seeds from the previous years to the market. During the harvest, the extent of the scarcity became more and more evident and the supply of seeds came to a complete stop for a few weeks.

The kibblers were hesitating to quote and fearing to close contracts at too low prices. The producers of LBG, in turn, hesitated to cover raw material not knowing in which direction prices will move.

The business was run very speculatively during this time!

As a result, no prices for new contracts were released for a few weeks. Neither volumes nor prices for new contracts could be offered.
In the meantime, the situation has become a bit more transparent. Prices have increased significantly and only limited quantities are available.

However, such a situation already existed in 1988, 1994 and 2005.
It is interesting to see that after the poor harvests in these years, prices have risen sharply and, above all, the prices in the following year, especially in the 1st and 2nd quarter continued to increase. Taking this scenario into account, it can be concluded that current high prices will remain into the year 2018. The LBG producers are forecasting rising prices.

If quantities are available, we recommend to contract demand until at least mid-2018.

Dietmar Neupert
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Market report Guar gum

For several weeks, prices for guar gum have been at a surprisingly stable level.

The fluctuations did not exceed the range of +/- 4%.
The hope that after yielding the harvest, prices will ease has not been fulfilled to date. At the moment we do see little signs of a significant reduction. Demand from the oil business is good and is expected to pick up at the beginning of the year as stocks (mainly in the US) will be build up again after the end of the year. The price of oil is rising, which in turn gives a push to the fracking industry, raising demand for guar gum.

We believe that coverage of the needs for the next few months is justified at the current level.

Sabine Justiz

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We moved our headquarter

Dear business partners,

with the succession of the next generation for Neupert Ingredients, which has been prepared over the last three years, there are some changes in our company, which we would like to inform you about.

Neupert Ingredients will now be headquartered in Northern Germany. Since the beginning of 2017, we have already established offices there together with our sister company Golden Peanut GmbH.

The production site and logistic center of Golden Peanut have been located in Garstedt for many years. The consolidation of the two companies will simplify internal processes. With this step, we expect to increase efficiency and improve our offer and services for our business partners.

Mr. Neupert will continue working for the company.

We kindly ask you to send all correspondence from now on to the following address:

Neupert Ingredients GmbH
In der Boerse 9
D - 21441 Garstedt

Our telephone numbers remain unchanged for the time being.

We are looking forward to continue working with you succesfully and thank you for your trust!


Dietmar Neupert                                                        Sabine Justiz
Neupert Ingredients GmbH                                         Neupert Ingredients GmbH

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Your contact at Neupert Ingredients:

Purchase: +49 211 4155978-20
Frederik Pehl
Finances: +49 211 4155978-30
Karolina Becker
Quality assurance:
+49 211 4155978-50
Pui-Yee Tse
Customer service:
+49 211 4155978-10
Sarah Kehl
Sabine Heuthe
Sales: +49 211 4155978-40
Alexei Justiz
Ricardo Pietruschka
Anna Meyer
Management: +49 211 4155978-0
Dietmar Neupert
Sabine Justiz
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Neupert Ingredients GmbH
In der Boerse 9 | D-21441 Garstedt | Germany
Tel.: +49 4173- 51591 - 0 | Fax: +49 4173 51591 - 99
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