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Express message Psyllium

The first reports on the current psyllium harvest in India are now available and there seems to be a 10% increase compared to the previous year. This has led to a short-term recovery in prices, which have recently been at a very high level.
The harvest forecast is estimated to be about 1.7 million bags of psyllium seeds of 75 kg for the current harvest. The total demand for 2016 was 1.9 million bags. Due to remaining stocks from previous harvests, the demand carry over has so far been intercepted. This is likely to be difficult this year, however, as the overall demand for psyllium continues to rise.
The prices have fallen in the last days for the first time since March 2016. We are concerned, however, that this development will be short-lived. As soon as larger contracts are concluded and large customers from the pharmaceutical industry are on the market, prices will surely rise again.
We therefore recommend to cover the needs for 2017 soon.
At the beginning of April, more concrete figures will be available.

Alexei Justiz
March 16th, 2017

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Market report Guar gum

The recent price increases of about 35% came as a surprise. In India, the price increase is based on strong demand from the oil and gas business. We consider this argument incomprehensible. Certainly some market participants are interested in higher prices and use every opportunity to raise prices.

As a result of the daily rise in prices, a movement has begun to participate in the actual strategy, which in turn leads to further price increases.
It is probably true that the last harvest has been much lower than in previous years, but there is enough raw material from the last few years. (Guar seeds have a long shelf life). In addition, the capacities are far from being utilized. On our last trip, we saw a large number of production plants, which were standing still completely or operating at low capacity.
In these aspects, price increases are difficult to understand.

However, we are hesitant predicting further developments in the coming weeks, as we can not assess the actual demand in the oil and gas sector. However, we do not see any significant increases in prices.
We have constantly stock at our warehouse. We would be pleased to offer you.

Dietmar Neupert
March 16th, 2017

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Biofach Review 2017

Our booth in hall 9

Once again this year, the Biofach exposition was an extremely interesting and exciting platform for companies that are concerned with products from controlled organic farming.
The World Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food publishes a new record in 2017 and brings together almost 51,500 trade visitors. They traveled this time from 134 countries to the branch meeting in Nuremberg, were enthusiastic about the offer of the 2,785 exhibitors from 88 countries and were inspired by the Country of the Year Germany. The industry also made a positive assessment: in 2016, German households spent around 9.9% more money on organic food and drinks than in the previous year. The turnover amounted to EUR 9.48 billion, according to the Federation of Organic Food Industries (BÖLW).

We would like to thank all business partners for the great interest and the good discussions that we were able to hold together at our booth.
Our task for this year is to continue the trend towards ecologically harmless products.

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