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  Market report Guar gum
  Market report Psyllium
  Chia Seed - extended product portfolio
  New product range: vegetable proteins

Market report Guar gum

A few days ago, the prices increased slightly and we had the impression that we finally passed the lowest point, especially because the procurement of raw materials in India was somewhat difficult. 

This increase, however, was corrected soon. The price level is currently stable.
We continue to believe that there is not much air to drop downward. 

While there is still a very low demand from the oil sector, the current market price has reached a level where noticeable price decreases seem unlikely.

Dietmar Neupert

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Market report Psyllium

The harvest is now in full swing and will be completed by the end of March / early April.  According to current estimates, the crop yield over the previous year will be significantly lower.

In 2015, the harvest volumes were approximately 160,000 t. This year, only 120,000 t are expected. Indeed, this is more than in 2014, but the demand for psyllium has grown significantly.  The remaining stocks from 2015 are at least 60% lower than in previous years. Lower inventories, lower harvests and global increases in demand will therefore lead to higher prices.

We have been recognizing an increasing demand for a few days already and the prices in India have gone up. Another factor of uncertainty are possible heavy rains at the end of the month, which could affect the harvest. We will know more by mid-April. 

Our recommendation is to cover the annual needs now.

We will keep you informed.

Alexei Justiz

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Chia Seed - extended product portfolio

Our current stock of Chia products:
  • Organic Chia seeds pure black ex Nicaragua, 99,9% purity
  • Chia seeds black/white ex Paraguay

We can offer Chia flour and Chia oil in different qualitites, as conventional and organic.
We are looking forward to your inquiries.
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New product range: vegetable proteins

We now offer our customers vegetable proteins in conventional and organic quality at attractive prices:
  • Rice protein 80% isolate or concentrate
  • Pea protein 80% isolate or concentrate
  • Hemp protein 50%
And also new: Hemp nuts hulled, NON EU, conventional or organic quality
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