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  Market outlook Psyllium
  Market report Guar gum
  Biofach 2016
  Market outlook Chia

Market outlook Psyllium

There is plenty of conventional goods on the market, however, due to the strong demand, the available quantities in organic quality are very limited. That will not change until the next harvest. 

Prices for conventional Psyllium are stable, but in organic quality, price increases are expected.

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Market report Guar gum

In our last report we have already mentioned the strong price decline in guar gum. However, many market observers assumed that prices will continue to decline at the end of 2015.

That has not happened, although the prices decrease for crude oil continues and the demand of the fracking industry for guar gum remains limited. The situation in the US fracking companies is well known, and is not expected to change within the next months. 

If the current prices for guar gum in India are compared to the prices before the fracking boom, it can be noticed that we are moving back to the price level before the boom, if the exchange rates Indian rupee against US dollar and US dollar against Euro are being ignored. For this reason we don’t expect further major price decreases.

The guar price has settled at a level where it had remained relatively stable for many years before. This is a dramatic development and indicates functioning markets, which are ruled by supply and demand. As a matter of fact, significant financial assets were destroyed by over-sized capacity expansions in India. 

The next harvest in autumn will be interesting. Since all players in the guar business are aware of the smaller amounts, volumes will be considerably more modest, which in turn will contribute to price stability. 

Covering purchases for the next few months, if not already done, can be approached without pressure.

Dietmar Neupert

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Biofach 2016

We exhibit at Biofach in Nuremberg from 10th until 13th February
We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth.

Our organic product list:

Guar gum E 412 3.500, 5.000 cps.
Tara gum E 417
Locust bean gum E 410
Agar Agar E 406 Gracilaria, Gelidium
Gum arabic E 414

Psyllium seeds
Psyllium husks purity 85% - 99,9%
Psyllium husks powder
purity 85% - 99,9%, mesh sizes 40 - 100 mesh,
germ reduced

Chia (Salvia hispanica)
Chia seeds black-white white, pure black
Chia seeds crushed
Chia oil

Micro algae
Spirulina powder, tablets
Chlorella powder, tablets

Agave syrup light, dark

Hemp protein
Pea protein
Rice protein

Maca powder raw, germ reduced, gelatinized
Goji berries A-, B-quality
Wheat grass, Wheat grass juice
Barley grass, Barley grass juice
Quinoa black, white, red, tricolor

Hemp nuts hulled, unhulled
Hemp oil
Hemp protein

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Market outlook Chia

The prices for Chia are currently stable. However, there is some uncertainty about the further development because the demand is very strong, and now the Chinese have covered large quantities in South America. 

While the producers still kept a lot of goods in stock few weeks ago, the available quantities now appear to be limited, especially in organic quality. 

The demand for further Chia products such as chia oil or crushed chia seed is increasing rapidly, as these products are becoming known. This suggests that the demand for Chia will generally continue to rise, which will probably result in price increases during the year.
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