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  Merry Christmas!
  Market report Guar gum December 2014
  Xylitol E 967
  Functional Pork Proteins

Merry Christmas!

We wish you and your families a merry Christmas and the very best for 2015.
Thank you for the good cooperation and trust.

Neupert Ingredients Team

As in previous years we supported the Eckard Busch Foundation as well as SOS Kinderdorf again.
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Market report Guar gum December 2014

A few days ago we returned back from a trip to India.
As every year our Manager Quality Assurance audited our major suppliers of Guar gum and we also took the chance to talk to farmers, brokers, stockists, split producers as well as producers of guar gum powder to get first hand information on guar crop size and quality, supply of raw material and price indication.

Nearly everyone within the business confirmed the relatively soft market which drives prices down. Prices have started to ease over the last few weeks and reached a level not many players in the guar business have expected.

Some of the plants stopped production completely, others are running at reduced capacity level. Many companies are operating the plants just at cost level and not making any money. Some are selling below manufacturing costs just to keep customers and not to lose market share.

We noted with interest that producers pay again more attention to the food industry after having realised the food business is rather stable in quantity.

Food customers are waiting for even lower prices but covering immediate and mid term demand. The oil sector is influenced by falling crude oil prices. Expansion of new oil fields might be delayed or stopped until oil prices will increase again to run the gas and oil exploration profitable.

Stockists and speculators have an interest not letting prices fall down too much and control it by going into the market at the right time.
The guar industry expects a price raise at the beginning of next year.
Current prices do not motivate farmers to grow guar. They have other choices where higher margins can be obtained.

It is most difficult to foresee the rock bottom price. As a matter of fact prices will start rising when major buyers feel it is time to cover longer period needs.

We doubt prices will decrease much more within the next few days and recommend to look into medium and even long term needs.

Dietmar Neupert
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Xylitol E 967

We now have added to our product line Xylitol (E967) and is available ex our warehouse Hamburg.

Applications and Functions:

Food Industry
D-Xylose is used in food industries, in the production of savory flavors, as it is highly effective at induc≠ing Maillard reactions. It is also used to produce golden brown color in food applications such as batters and breadcrumbs, thereby enhancing consumer appeal. So it is primarily used in food, beverage, meat products, and sausage etc. It will make the products fresh and bright colored, delicious to add appetite. The Maillard reaction, also known as the browning reaction, is the phenomenon responsible for turning meat brown, converting bread to toast and turning beer brown, along with hundreds of other examples. The Maillard reaction can be a complicated bit of biochemistry, but whatís most important to know is the effect it has on foods and other protein-based technologies. The Maillard reaction takes place when amino acids and reducing sugars react under controlled conditions of concentration, time, temperature and pH. The carbonyl amine flavors obtained will vary according to the amino acids and reducing sugars select≠ed. In addition to obtaining exceptional savory flavors, varying degrees of desired color can be obtained.

The resulting combination of selected amino acids and D-Xylose can be utilized to produce different flavors such as:
  • Roast potato
  • Roast pork
  • Boiled meat
  • Roast beef
  • Chicken
  • Bakery

As D-Xylose has zero calories; it is beneficial to the health of body. It is also applicable for feed industry as flavoring or browning agent. Suitable for the light and chemical industries. As raw material, D-Xylose can be used to produce xylitol by hydrogenation action.


The sweetness of xylitol equals to sucrose at normal temperature.

No fermentation:
Xylitol is anti-cariogenic because xylitol canít be utilized by buccal cariogenic bacteria and thus prevents the growth of bacteria and acid.

Xylitol is soluble in water. When eaten it gives a pleasant cool and fresh sensation owing to its character of high endothermic in solution.

Chemical stability:
Xylitol has a nature of high heat-resistance, it is passive to acid and alkali, and it will not react on amino phenol and protein.

Moisture activeness:
Lower than sorbitol. Facilitate the preservation of foods.

Heat of Solution:
Xylitol can absorb more quantity of heat in process of solution, and it gives a pleasant cool and fresh sensation.

Multiple sweetener approach:
Blending xylitol with other polyols (e.g. sorbitol) and high-intensity sweeteners offers additional taste and functional possibilities.

ISO 22000, GMP, GMP+, Kosher, Halal
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Functional Pork Proteins

Scanflavour/Denmark is one oft he leading companies of animal (pork) proteins for the meat processing industry.
We are exclusively representating Scanflavour in Germany and Austria.

The products are produced without any bleaching and it is manufactured using thermal and mechanical processes ensuring high quality and microbiologically stable products with neutral flavour.

Product lines:

A unique product line for all meat applications requiring high final gel strength and emulsifying capacity at any desired level.
Designed for use in low temperature applications, in pasteurized, fermented and emulsified meat products, as well as in poultry, fish and fresh meat products.

Designed for brines for use in injection as well as tumbling systems and it is very easy to disperse in the brine. In addition, ScanCure gives a meat texture to the final product, such as in hams and bacons.

Especially designed for use in meat products where warm texture is required and for meat replacement in semi-products and fermented products. Acts as cost-effective protein booster made from aminoacids just like in ordinary meat and also as a binding agent, with or without other emulsifiers. Contains a specially selected mix of meat proteins and collagens, partly with varying degrees of hydrolization.

ISO 22000:2005
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